dinsdag 3 juli 2012

duurzame tips van little house: een vrouw is geen bezit

"Why, they'll tax the lining out'n a man's pockets to keep up these here country-seat towns! [...] Feller come along and taxed me last summer. Told me I got to put in every least thing I had. So i put in Tom and Jerry, my horses, at fifty dollar apiece, and my oxen yoke, Buck and Bright, at fifty dollars apiece, and my cow at thirty-five.
"Is that all you got" He says. Well, I told him, I'd put in five children i reckoned was worth a dollar a piece.
"Is that all?" he says "How about your wife?" He says.
"By mighty" I says to him "She says I don't own her and I don't aim to pay no taxes on her," I says. And I didn't.
 Ik weet niet meer wie dit tegen wie zei, maar het is toch goed om te weten dat ergens in het pionier-Amerika in 1880 vrouwen waren die zichzelf niet als het eigendom van de man zagen. De aller-allereerste feministische golf, for sure!

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